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Eurogenes K36 to Global G25 Converter - author of the script: Vbknethio

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Step into the world of genetic analysis and exploration by harnessing the power of simulated G25 coordinates. Convert your K36 results effortlessly and embark on an exciting journey of discovery and understanding. Begin using the Simulate G25 Coordinates tool today and unlock the hidden insights within your genetic information.

Make simulated G25 coordinates from various calculators - author of the script:Nganasankhan

Looking to generate G25 coordinates for your genetic data? Look no further! With the Simulate G25 Coordinates tool, you can effortlessly convert your results from various calculators into simulated G25 coordinates. This tool streamlines the process, saving you time and effort. Whether you're a researcher looking to analyze population genetics or an individual curious about your genetic heritage, the Simulate G25 Coordinates tool provides a user-friendly solution.

K36 Similitude Map - author of the script:Tolan

Have you ever wondered how similar you are to the average person in different countries? With the Map Similarity Tool, you can now easily find out your level of similarity. This innovative tool provides a fun and interactive way to explore the genetic similarities between you and the average individual in various populations around the world. Using the Map Similarity Tool is incredibly simple. All you need to do is enter your k36 results, which serve as a measure of your genetic closeness. The tool will then calculate your similarity percentage for each population and display it on a map. The numbers on the map correspond to the percentage of similarity, allowing you to visualize the data easily.

Where did your ancestors live 15,000 years ago? - author of the script:Tolan

Using the Eurogenes K36 tool, you can explore the fascinating question of where your ancestors may have lived 15,000 years ago. By inputting your K36 results into the timeline feature, you can calculate the level of similarity to ancient populations. This allows you to delve deep into your genetic heritage and potentially uncover ancestral connections to specific regions or groups of people from the distant past. Whether it's discovering links to hunter-gatherers in Northern Europe, early inhabitants of Anatolia, or ancient populations in the Caucasus and Zagros Mountains, this tool offers a unique opportunity to uncover the geographical origins of your ancestors from millennia ago.

Two-way oracle model by iteratively removing source populations - author of the script: Nganasankhan

The two-way oracle model innovatively refines predictions by iteratively excluding source populations. This dynamic process enhances accuracy and adaptability, ensuring robust outcomes. By systematically removing influential elements, the model hones its insights, creating a nuanced and reliable oracle based on either G25 or Gedmatch calcuclator dataset, capable of navigating diverse data landscapes with precision and efficacy.

Two-way oracle model - author of the script: Nganasankhan

The two-way oracle model optimizes predictions for diverse calculator results by incorporating a dynamic, iterative approach. This innovative model refines results by selectively engaging and excluding components, ensuring heightened accuracy and adaptability. It establishes a versatile oracle that excels in navigating the nuances of various GEdmatch and G25 calculators with precision

Multiply calculator results by MDS of FST - author of the script: Nganasankhan

Amplify genetic insights by multiplying GEDmatch calculator results with an FST matrix. This innovative approach, incorporating multidimensional scaling, refines outcomes for a more nuanced understanding of genetic relationships and variations.

Gedmatch results converter to horizontal Vahaduo style

Effortlessly enhance your analysis by copying vertical calculator results table directly from Gedmatch. Paste the data into the provided form and it will be automatically cleaned and converted into Vahaduo-like horizontal coordinates.

G25/K13/K15 oracle averages creator

Efficiently derive oracle averages for G25, K13, or K15 by aggregating individual results. This streamlined process ensures comprehensive insights and simplifies the interpretation of genetic data for informed analysis.